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Neighbors Frustrated by Lack of Progress on Water Line Project

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A group of neighbors in Tarrant County contacted NBC 5 Responds after months of on and off construction on a water line on their street.

They asked NBC 5 to find out what’s behind the project delays.

“It’ll be on and off”

Along the nearly half-mile stretch of Chalk Hill Lane in unincorporated Tarrant County, Deanna Roskop said she watched from her front window as crews began digging into the ground.

She noted the date.

“February 8,” said Roskop.

More than three months later, Roskop points to open holes dug in the ground and mounds of dirt piled along the street. When NBC 5 Responds visited, she said it had been three weeks since she saw anyone working on the line.

“It’ll be on and off,” said Roskop. “They would come and let it sit for a couple of weeks, then they would come and let it sit for a couple of weeks. Every time, we had to contact, contact, contact. Where are you, what’s happening, where are we with the timeline?”

In the meantime, the open holes in the ground fill with rain. Roskop said she worries about mosquitoes. She said she’s also concerned about small animals and kids falling into the trenches dug for the new water line.

Neighbor Rachel Klusovsky said her family often plays in the front yard where her curious two-year-old is constantly inspecting the holes in the ground in front of their home.

“We try to keep her away from it, it’s almost like she wants to go near it more,” said Klusovsky. “And, she’s fast.”

“I can put up with this for a while, but there hasn’t been anybody here for a long time,” said another neighbor, Joe Sage.

Utility says February freeze, spring rains behind delays

We asked Aqua Texas about the neighbors’ concerns.

In an email to NBC 5 Responds, Aqua said it originally expected to finish replacing just over 2,000 feet of water pipe by mid-March.

But in February, Aqua said it pulled its contractor to make other repairs after the ice storm left thousands of customers without water service.

In May, Aqua said rain delayed the project on Chalk Hill Lane again.

Aqua’s contractor on the job, LA Services, told NBC 5 Responds that moving heavy equipment on the soggy ground would cause additional, unnecessary damage to the grass.

Aqua said it resumed construction May 22. If the weather cooperates, it expects to wrap up work on the line and restoration work on the street by June 30.

Neighbors said they’re also watching to make sure the work is done right.

Aqua Texas said the original pipe was improperly installed 23 years ago.

Aqua said it has worked with the current contractor for six years and is comfortable the work on the new water line is being done properly.

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