NBC 5 Responds: Keller Woman Gets Refund for Faulty Fridge

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A Keller woman said she spent months trying to get her refrigerator repaired even though she paid for the extra protection plan.

“It’s like a roller coaster,” said Leslie Sagar of the temperature swings in her Samsung fridge. “It’s enough to where I'm not comfortable to put food in this unit.”

Sager paid $2,974.68 for the fridge at Lowe’s in October of 2015. The total included sales tax and a $149.97 five-year Lowe’s protection plan.

When Sagar said she noticed problems with her fridge cooling properly in August, she called Lowe’s which sent out a technician to make a repair.

That didn’t work, so Sagar called back. Again, Lowe’s arranged for more repairs.

Over the course of about seven weeks, Sagar said a technician came to her home seven separate times.

Sagar recalled the various repairs, “They replaced the compressor, two different evaporators and a condenser, the sensor panel and the control board.”

Sagar said just about every component in the fridge was replaced. Still, she said it didn’t work.

“It has consumed far too much of my time. It's been way beyond inconvenient,” said Sagar.

With the clock running out on her protection plan, set to expire in mid-October, Sagar contacted NBC 5 Responds.

Lowe’s told the NBC 5 Responds team it would look into the issue. A few days later, Sagar said she received a call from Lowe’s offering a check for the full purchase price of the fridge which Sagar accepted.

Lowe’s confirms it reached a resolution with Sagar and thanked NBC 5 responds for bringing Sagar’s concerns to the company’s attention.

NBC 5 Responds also asked Samsung to weigh in. NBC 5 received the followed response, “We cannot speculate about this situation since we were not involved. It appears the customer and retail partner were able to resolve the matter.”

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