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NBC 5 Responds Helps Get Phone Deal After Store Mishap

NBCUniversal, Inc.

Chris Burns of Fort Worth went to an AT&T store to upgrade his wife's phone. He nabbed a deal touting a new phone for just $10 a month.

But, when the bill came, it was four times more than the promotional price. Burns called AT&T's customer service line, which told him to go to the store. The store said to call customer service.

That's when he decided to contact us, NBC 5 Responds.

We spoke to AT&T and they agreed to honor the promotion, even though the phone Burns chose was not part of it. The store gave the wrong information. The Burns' account was credited a total of nearly $1,000.

Here's the big takeaway: Read the fine print on deals. And if it's still confusing, contact customer service to clarify.

If you're not getting straight answers, let us know using our complaint form.

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