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Consumer Seeks Reimbursement for Art Print

Joel Chambers claims a Michael's store in Grand Prairie damaged a limited-edition art print

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A North Texas music lover asked NBC 5 Responds for help after paying for custom framing of a print signed by one of his favorite musicians. He said the shop damaged the print.

Read on for how the consumer found a resolution.


When Joel Chambers spotted a limited-edition art print, signed by one of his favorite musicians, he said he paid $433 to snag it.

“I like a little bit of everything, but Alice Cooper is at the top of my list as far as artists,” Chambers said.

Chambers took the print to a Michaels store in Grand Prairie and paid $291.32 dollars to have it framed.

Chambers says a few weeks passed and stopped in to check on the progress.

“He pointed out he was having some issues with it,” Chambers told NBC 5 Responds.

Chambers pointed to sections of the print, “As I looked at the print, you could clearly see that there was some damage done to the print. There’s some stretching on this side where the black ink kind of got stretched out, you can see the white through the canvas. It looked like something was wiped on the side here.”


Chambers said he took the print back, “At that point, I looked and I said, ‘I'm not paying for this.’” 

The store refunded Chambers for the framing cost. Chambers said a manager told him it would also cover the cost of the print.

“They said they needed a regional manager to sign off and that the store manager was going to email them and email me at the same time. I never received that email,” said Chambers.

In a copy of the order form Chambers shared with us, there’s a damage and return policy noting the store’s liability for loss or damage to customer’s property is limited to $250.

The NBC 5 Responds team reached out to Michaels and within a few days, Chambers told us Michaels paid for the cost of the print.

In an email to NBC 5 Responds, a spokesperson for Michaels wrote, “Michaels is proud of our commitment to providing an outstanding customer experience, but we don’t always get it right. When we do fall short, we make every effort to reach positive resolutions with our customers.”

The spokesperson added, “In this case, we were able to contact the customer directly to rectify the lapse in communication and complete their reimbursement as originally promised. Michaels Custom Framing always strives to treat our customer’s artwork with the respect and care it deserves, and in the rare occurrence of damaged artwork, we often go above and beyond stated policies in an effort to make it right for our customers. We’re glad to have resolved this to the satisfaction of our customer with the help of NBC 5 Responds.”

“That's where I'm OK with getting the $433 back and wiping my hands of it and be done,” Chambers said.

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