Another Castaway Goes Home on “Survivor”

Rocket scientist John Fincher get the boot

The tribe has spoken: Rocket scientist John Fincher flipped on his tribe last week to save himself, and they repaid him by voting him out this week. Talking to Russell was another mistake: John told Russell that he knew about the hidden immunity idol, which Russell admitted — and then regretted admitting. "It was my mistake, but sorry, John, you've gotta go home for it," he told us, and orchestrated John's eviction, much to the surprise of Shambo.

Chicken with her head cut off: Between her "clairvoyant dreams" and messages from God, and her attachment to the chickens (she told the doomed birds, "I'll talk to you in heaven"), and her conviction that she's in control of the game, Shambo was all over the place. Her bizarre behavior was highlighted by a freaky night-vision dream sequence that looked like a horror movie with shots of a crab, a chicken, and Shambo twitching in her sleep. Freaky.

Power to the oddball: But what's really scary is how much power Shambo does have: As Jaison smartly pointed out to Mick, not voting out Dave like Shambo wanted meant that Foa Foa was "leaving her out there hanging the same way Galu did," possibly causing Shambo to flip back next week and lead to another tie vote.

I'll take immunity for $500: During the auction reward challenge, Natalie bought a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for $200, Monica spent $340 on a whole roasted chicken, and Mick bought a cheeseburger, fries, and beer for $500. Natalie took a shower for $120, and Jaison spent all $500 on an advantage in the reward challenge that was significant enough to help him win the week’s immunity. Russell didn't spend his $500; maybe he was waiting for the chance to buy himself a shirt as a present to America.

Pie-oh-my: At the auction reward challenge, John decided to eat a piece of pie he'd bought for himself instead of giving four pieces to other people; "I'm confident no one's going to vote me off because they didn't get a piece of apple pie," he told Probst. They didn't seem to vote him off because of the pie, but might that pie have swayed anyone?

Rinse and repeat: In contrast to the psycho Shambo sequence, Natalie's shower — which was being watched by a hundred crew members and 12 million viewers — was accompanied by a soundtrack that one would expect on a hotel room adult movie.

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