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‘Worst, Helpless Feeling Ever,' North Texas Couple Reunited With Son Stuck in Deadly Highway Wreck

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A North Texas couple is relieved after they were able to reunite with their son who was stuck in the deadly highway crash in Fort Worth.

Joni Diebel said she and her husband David drove from Denton early Thursday morning to find their son Blake, who had been in the pile-up.

“Worst, helpless feeling ever,” Diebel said. “When he [son] left this morning, I had a bad feeling. I don’t know why.”

Diebel said her son was heading to Waco on Thursday. His car was among more than 100 which crashed along I-35W southbound on Thursday due to icy conditions. According to Fort Worth emergency officials, the highway pileup killed at least six people and 36 were transported to hospitals.

The Diebel’s were able to get in touch with their son via cell phone and climbed a hill along the highway, guiding him out of the wreckage.

Blake’s father told NBC 5, ‘relief’ was an understatement once they were able to reunite.

 “Seeing all those cars over there, some of them are pancakes,” he said.

As for Blake, he said the entire situation happened so fast.

“It was really icy out there, skid for about 100 feet or so. Then, hit the wall. A few semi’s came and just kind of plowed through a lot of people,” he recalled. “Feel lucky and my head hurts, so we’re going to get it checked out.”

Fort Worth emergency officials remained on the scene for several hours Thursday. Two of the main northbound lanes on I-35W were reopened Thursday.

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