Woman: Fake iPad Seller Ran Me Over

Police in Dallas, Grand Prairie investigating sales of fake iPads

A North Texas woman who says she bought a fake iPad was run over when she confronted one of the sellers at another convenience store.

Melanie Young said she was duped by a man and woman team who sold her a counterfeit iPad for $200 on Aug. 1.

"I took it as a lesson learned," she said.

She said the man ran over her when she later saw him at a Dallas convenience store.

"He put the car in reverse," Young said. "I was in shock. It happened very fast."

The pink jumpsuit she was wearing that day is stained with dirt.

"It is emotional every time I look at it or have to go down Ledbetter," Young said.

Earlier this week, Grand Prairie police warned of groups of people selling fake iPads and MacBooks out of their cars for several hundred dollars. Police said investigators knew of more than a dozen incidents so far this year.

Authentic iPads start at $499, and real MacBooks start at $999 and $1,199, depending on the model.

Grand Prairie police said they have received more than 16 leads in the case.

Detective Lyle Gensler said he spoken with Dallas police officers, who have made several arrests in similar cases.

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