Whole Family Graduates Top of their Class from Same White Settlement High School

Thursday was graduation day for students at Brewer High School in White Settlement, and the class valedictorian brought some serious family history to the stage with her.

It was one of the biggest moments of Mimi Coffey's young life, as she prepares to move on from high school and away from her family, a close-knit group that's offered years of motivation.

"These big footsteps I had to fill," Coffey said.

Steps down one hallway in particular, where Coffey's mother and her three older brothers are on display, each as valedictorian or salutatorian of their respective class at Brewer High School.

"It felt like a very stressful pressure at first but it kind of stopped when I decided I shouldn't be doing it for them," Coffey said.

So she did it for herself, becoming valedictorian and rounding out the family's perfect record.

"You just feel really lucky to have raised the most amazing, intelligent, dynamic leaders. I just feel really lucky," said Coffey's mom, also named Mimi Coffey.

The secret, for each of the kids, was to focus on a full high school experience.

"When you start to put all of your time and energy towards obtaining a number, like being number one or being top 10, those numbers don't bring value into your life," said the younger Coffey.

Her brother Spencer Crawford added, "That may work in high school and then you get to college and you'll meet people smarter than you and what do you do then?"

They had the support of a successful mom.

"She like 'perspirates' ambition," Crawford said.

And a dedicated grandma, who never graduated from high school herself.

"I had a dream, this is my dream," said 'Meemaw' Amy Coffey, motioning to her grandkids gathered around her.

A dream realized, but for this family the footsteps forward never stop.

"I'm very excited about their future and what they can contribute to mankind," Coffey said of her kids.

The siblings also say they never competed with each other, instead rooting for each other's success.

Coffey plans to study neuroscience at UT Austin, where she'll be following the lead of two of her brothers. The third decided to go his own way so he went to Baylor.

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