White Rock Lake Cyclists Get Earful From Fellow Biker

Whether you're on two wheels or four wheels, you have to follow the rules of the road. But one Dallas biker said he sees his fellow cyclists not playing by the rules.

"They often come by your elbow, within six inches, and that's the rule, rather than the exception," Ted Barker said.

He said he is also annoyed that cyclists in large groups forget simple rules of the road, such as calling out "on your left" when passing walkers or slower cyclists.

Fellow cyclist Stephen Taylor admits he's seen it too.

"(Cyclists) riding too fast around blind curves where there would be no reaction time if one of the dogs, pedestrians or children got out of line," he said while walking next to his cycle.

In the last three months, Dallas police have written more than 400 citations at White Rock Lake. More than 100 were handed to cyclists running stop signs.

"All the rules that apply to vehicles apply to bicycles. So if it's speeding, running stop signs, they're required to obey the signs just like cars do," Sgt. Steven Shaw said.

But the rules don't apply on the trails.

"Unfortunately, we can't take legal action or write citations or write tickets for rude or unprofessional behavior, only if they violate the law," Shaw said.

Barker said that's where cyclists need to take extra care, because those areas are smaller and more prone to accidents.

"I'm seeing close calls, and I'm seeing many, many accidents over the years, a lot of them very serious," he said.

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