We Love Weather! Here's Why

NBC 5 Weather Experts are sharing stories all week long

North Texas is in the peak of severe weather season; April and May are the months with the highest numbers of tornadoes.

Severe storms can happen any time of the day and our team of meteorologists work around the clock to keep you safe.

Why do our Weather Experts love what they do? They all love weather and they all have a story as to why they became a meteorologist.

Chief Meteorologist David Finfrock became interested in weather because of Hurricane Carla in Houston. Rick Mitchell spent over 15 years in Oklahoma City, a hot spot for tornado activity. Grant Johnston had a close call with lightning in Kansas City. Brian James was bit by the weather bug in Michigan with lake-effect snow and blizzards. Keisha Burns fell in love with weather living in the Pacific Northwest with the weather constantly changing. Hurricanes drew Samantha Davies to weather, she was in Hurricane Andrew and part of the evacuation efforts in South Florida.

David Finfrock has worked at NBC 5 keeping North Texans safe for over 40 years. He has also been an inspiration to aspiring meteorologists.

Joey Picca is one of those meteorologists. Picca grew up in Irving and was in high school in Irving as he watched Finfrock in 2000, live on the air, describe a tornado tearing through downtown Fort Worth.

Picca is now a successful meteorologist at the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma.

Spring can bring some dangerous storms, but together we will all get through it.

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