Vandals Destroy Baseball Team's Field House

Damage to facility is estimated in the tens of thousands of dollars

Baseball players and coaches at Cedar Hill High School returned from the holiday break to find their facility was trashed and burglarized.

Police are still trying to add up the damage. Vandals spray-painted profanities on the walls and lockers, ripped panels out of the ceiling and poured gallons of paint onto the carpet of the baseball field house sometime during the weekend.

“I cannot describe it to you,” said Jeremy Fatheree, head baseball coach. “It looked like a tornado had hit, without the roof coming off.”

What wasn't destroyed was stolen.

“All of our game balls, they stole all of them,” Fatheree said.

Players' bats, gloves and uniforms were also stolen. Fatheree said most of his 31 players spent years acquiring their equipment, and now most of it is gone.

“If we had to play Trinity today, which is our first scrimmage, I would have to call them and cancel," he said. "We don't have what it takes."

The team’s first game is three weeks away. But Fatheree said he doesn't even have what it takes to hold practice at this point.

“For someone to come do this to our kids, that hurts,” he said.

But Fatheree said he refuses to let the vandals destroy the team's season, too.

"All the work you’ve put in there is still there,” he said. “Even if you don’t have your glove or bat, we’ll replace those things.”

Cedar Hill police lifted several fingerprints from inside the field house. Judging by the extent of the damage, investigators said they believe the vandalism was the work of multiple people.

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