Using Natural Pain Remedies Instead of Typical Medication

Many of us rely on pain relievers to help us work through pains and aches in our bodies.

However, drugs, whether prescription or over the counter, can come with unpleasant side effects, which is why some recommend using natural remedies you may have never heard of.

Gracia Perlstein, of Cambell, Texas, spends hours on her feet helping others as a product specialist at Sprouts Market, but it's her off-the-clock hobby as an equestrian that takes a real toll on her body.

"Your lower back muscles are the ones working really hard. Most dressage riders have strong lower backs but, oh my gosh, do they get sore," said Perstein.

Instead of taking medicines like ibuprofen or acetaminophen, Perlstein says she's found complete relief from natural remedies, like arnica, which is derived from a plant in the daisy family.

"I take the arnica pellets and I use the gel and cream. I mean, I just really load up on it!" said Perlstein.

Internal medicine physician Ken Redcross says he's seen many of his patients make the switch from western medicine to eastern remedies.

"Not many people want to get prescriptions that make them feel worse than what they came in for in the first place," said Dr. Redcross.

Along with arnica, he recommends boswellia, also known as Indian frankincense, which can reduce inflammation.

Another popular go-to is turmeric.

"We all have heard of turmeric. We know it's that Indian spice that turns everything yellow to orange. But, once again, the name of the game is inflammation that we know it really helps. It may even help similar to the way Celebrex and some things that decrease other inflammatory mediators," said Dr. Redcross.

Help for pain that's considered chronic and for anyone already taking a handful of prescription medications, they should talk with their doctor before trying a natural remedy.

Herbal supplements are regulated by the FDA as dietary supplements.

Manufacturers aren't allowed to make specific medical claims about their product.

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