Tornado Story of Survival

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It’s been two months since an outbreak of tornadoes plowed a path of destruction through North Texas.

Francisco Flores says he was seconds from not making it the night of October 20.

He’s a Children’s Ministry Leader, at First Mexican Baptist Church in Dallas.

As Flores was preparing for class, the tornado touched down.

He ran for shelter, and a wall collapsed on top of him, pinning him down.

“It made a perfect space for me to move around and crawl out. So even in those little details, you can see how God protected me that day, in making that space for me,” says church member Francisco Flores.

He was able to crawl out, and call his uncle, the church pastor.

He’s grateful to be alive, and says the church will rebuild. Local churches have opened its doors so Flores and fellow church members can have a place to worship.

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