Third-Party Supporters Work Against Big Odds in North Texas

North Texas volunteers for the third-party Libertarian presidential ticket are working from their homes, hoping to cut into Donald Trump's Texas lead.

"It's a protest vote in many respects," said Republican campaign consultant Juan Hernandez, who now volunteers for the Gary Johnson-Bill Weld campaign from his home in Fort Worth.

Hernandez says there are about 200 other campaign volunteers in Texas.

"It's a state that was leaning toward Ted Cruz, not Trump," said Hernandez. "So you have a lot of folks here who are not happy with Trump and are looking for another option. They're not willing to go with Hillary either."

Johnson and Weld will both attend their first rally in Texas this Saturday in Austin.

"To be honest, it's a little bit like guerrilla warfare," said Hernandez. "I won't tell you that we're extremely organized. I won't tell you that we're doing everything perfect."

"We're true human beings that are dissatisfied with the options in this great nation of America," Hernandez added.

The latest polls show Johnson-Weld have about 10-percent support in Texas.

Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign is counting on volunteers in North Texas to help the former Secretary of State in November.

"We're hoping to just be able to do thousands of phone calls, whether here in Texas or other states," said volunteer Barbara Rosenberg.

The Hillary for Texas campaign will officially open a field office in North Dallas this weekend, but volunteers have already started working out of the space along Walnut Hill Lane.

"The likelihood is that we will be calling into swing states," Rosenberg said. "I guess it will depend on which ones and what kind of accents we have where we can be the most effective with our calling."

There's no word yet from the Trump campaign whether it plans a North Texas field office.

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