‘They're Very Lucky,' Says Friend of Family Injured During Plano Explosion

Medical City Plano said they're still treating three adults for injuries sustained from Monday's home explosion in Plano

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As of Tuesday afternoon, several people injured from Monday's home explosion in Plano remained in the hospital. Medical City Plano didn't specify who, but said two patients are in serious condition while another is in critical condition.

Plano Fire-Rescue stated in a news release that investigators believe the explosion was most likely caused by a gas leak inside a home on 4400 block of Cleveland Dr., but further investigation will be necessary to determine exactly where the gas leak was located inside the home.

First responders removed one person from the collapsed home and they were taken to Medical City Plano. The other five people injured are a family who live in the home next door, according to a close friend.

New doorbell video gives a different perspective of the blast at a Plano home that left six injured. Meredith Yeomans reports.

"They're very shook up, obviously, this was a very traumatic event for their family," said Mae Reedy.

Reedy has spent the last day in-and-out of the hospital visiting her friend and business partner, Jennifer Jagielski. She said the two also serve on the Parent-Teacher Association together in Plano.

"The parents are both in serious condition, the boys have all been discharged now and are with family members," said Reedy.

She said the family of five, including sons ages 3, 6, and 10, along with the family dog, were home at the time of the explosion. Reedy said Jennifer, whom she calls Jenn, and husband Philip were in the master bedroom with their six-year-old who was recovering from surgery he had just hours before the blast on Monday.

"From chatting with both parents, there was no flash, there were two explosions, and so the first one caught their attention, and then as the husband was facing the window, the second one went off, and that half of their house had collapsed in on them," explained Reedy.

She said all the windows in the house broke and pieces of their next-door neighbor's home shot into theirs.

"He (the husband) is conscious. He was rushed to emergency surgery to remove the shrapnel and glass from his body, he has sustained some pretty serious injuries, and will be hospitalized for a while longer," said Reedy. "He is talking and he is aware and his first concerns are obviously for his family. He's just really glad to hear that his boys are okay."

Reedy said her friend is hanging in there and they're grateful because they know it could have been a lot worse.

“I was holding her hands tightly as she was getting stitched up last night and having debris removed from her body and her attitude was great. For every piece of glass and stitch happening last night, she was grateful that that was one less injury that her child sustained because she was shielding her six-year-old when it happened," described Reedy.

The video and images of the aftermath of the explosion show the magnitutde of the blast which leveled their neighbor's home and spread debris everywhere.

"It's amazing that they're alive. There was a good long chunk of time that I thought I had lost her," said Reedy as she choked up thinking about her friend. "When you can see how much of their house had exploded as well, they're very lucky to be injured as little as they are, and they're all definitely just asking for prayers from the community right now as they embark upon this journey of healing."

She started a GoFundMe account called 'Jagielski Family Recovery Fund' in which a spokesperson for GoFundMe verified.

Others in the community are also donating clothes and toiletries since all of the family's items were damaged.

Reedy said the family had only been in the house for a couple months and were renting it out as they wait for their new home to be built. They recently sold their last home.

As for the family's dog, Animal Services in Plano said they have the family's Labrador Retriever mix. A friend of the family is expected to pick up the pet and hold on to her while the family recovers.

Authorities have not identified the person injured inside of the home that exploded.

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