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Texas Rangers Organist Keeps in Practice, Hopes Baseball Helps Healing Process

New organist Dustin Tatro up for challenge of providing good times and good memories when baseball returns.

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The Texas Rangers should be well into their first season in their new home at Globe Life Field, but Coronavirus concerns put everything on hold when it halted the entire Major League Baseball season.

Little rallies baseball fans like the sound of a stadium organ.

Dustin Tatro was ready to start his first season as an organist for his lifelong favorite team, the Rangers.

“This was to be my first season and COVID-19 has interfered with that a little bit,” Tatro said. “Even though with all of the postponement… I’m still the guy that gets to wake up in the morning and have to pinch myself and remember ‘you’re the organist for the Texas Rangers.’”

He has found ways to stay in practice – playing for his church and taking requests on social media.

Tatro has no trouble staying busy because he is on the Frontline as a first responder.

“I’ve been a volunteer firefighter since the Summer of 2011,” Tatro said. “I became an EMT in 2012.”

He understands the stakes of the pandemic and the hope that baseball can offer.

“I had my first positive COVID patient that was confirmed over the weekend. It’s unreal to get that call,” he said. “I do know and realize that we have people that are going to have experienced losing loved ones when we come back… and I’m hoping that everything that happens in that new ballpark from what’s on the field… everything we’re doing is providing good moments for people. Even in the victories. Even in the losses.”

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