Scientists Figured Out Why Fish Fell From the Sky in Texarkana and It's Pretty Gross

‘We’re not going to default to a paranormal explanation,' geologist says

City of Texarkana

Two independent researchers say they may have gotten to the bottom of what caused fish to fall from the sky late last year in Texarkana: bird regurgitation.

Many in the East Texas town were shocked in late December when they found fish (later identified as shad) scattered on the streets and on their homes and cars following a storm.

It wasn’t the first time people reported fish falling from the sky, and some experts tried to explain the phenomenon as waterspouts picking up fish or other marine lifeforms. But National Weather Service meteorologists told The Dallas Morning News in January that no such weather activity was reported near Texarkana during that time.

Last week, Sharon Hill, a geologist and independent researcher based in Pennsylvania, and Paul Cropper, an author in Australia, shared their findings that a flock of birds may have regurgitated the fish while flying over the East Texas town.

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