Country-Wide Decrease in Flu Cases, Texas Still in the Red

The influenza virus totals are in for week seven of 2017 and, much to everyone's relief, they are down from the previous weeks. 

Texans can't celebrate too much though, because it is one of 27 states still experiencing high flu activity. 

Public laboratories in Texas are still testing positive for multiple strains of the virus all across the state.

Percentages have decreased in Texas too, just not enough to change its classification of high activity by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The percentage of positive flu tests decreased almost 17% last week. 

Though the risk of contracting influenza virus is lower with fewer cases being reported, contamination is still very possible. The CDC encourages everyone to wash their hands and maintain healthy habits like exercising and eating fruits and vegetables to fight infection.

If you experience flu symptoms, go to a doctor immediately. 

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