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Texas Asks Residents to Fill Out Winter Storm Damage Report to Help Secure Federal Aid

The state awaits a declaration of major disaster to ensure more federal aid, officials are requesting the help of residents across the state

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As Texas approaches the finish line of a winter storm unlike the state has seen in decades, FEMA is stepping in to help financially, and Texas residents are the key to how much the agency provides.

Power outages, pipe bursts, infrastructure failures, and more have left severe damage across the state. Though the storm has passed, millions of residents are still struggling to replace lost food, getting access to clean water, and maintaining electricity service.

President Joe Biden recently approved an emergency declaration on behalf of the Lone Star State, ensuring that federal aid would be sent to accommodate the damages.

According to a recent tweet by Judge Clay Jenkins, the amount of aid received is dependent on Texans sharing their damage assessment of their local communities.

The Dallas County judge provided a survey link that allows residents to document the damages of businesses and/or residences impacted by the weather.

The form includes questions regarding the type of damage, the level of damage, and the lasting impact. There is also an area to upload photos and utilize an interactive map to pinpoint the exact location of the damaged area.

Though an emergency declaration has already been released on behalf of Texas, Biden said he is also attempting to speed up a request for a declaration of a major disaster in the state, which would allow for more federal aid to help with restoration.

The decision is in the hands of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) administration.

If approved, Texas would have access to multiple federal programs for assistance, in the form of individual assistance, public assistance, and/or hazard mitigation assistance. The aid provided within those programs could provide funding for temporary housing, home repair, disaster loans, special tax considerations, public facility/infrastructure reconstruction, and more.

As he waits for the bill's approval, Biden announced that he plans to visit Texas the week of Feb. 21 to support Texans still experiencing the aftermath of the dangerously cold weather.

Thursday, Feb. 18, the President tweeted that he will work relentlessly to get Texas the resources the state needs for recovery.

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