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Teens Arrested for Stealing Cars Were Part of ‘Bank Roll Gang': Police

Stolen Dodge Challenger has not been recovered; search for car thieves ongoing

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Two teenagers who belong to a group called the “bank roll gang” face charges of car theft and organized crime, Blue Mound police say.

It happened Saturday night at the huge Carvana used car lot in Blue Mound. Police got a call someone was trying to steal cars.

Officers arrived in about one minute. They found a pickup truck had crashed into a security gate.

Officers say 18-year-old Ethan Gaither was behind the wheel. He was arrested nearby. Andy Sanchez, 18, of Arlington, was arrested later.

The search continues for two others believed to be involved.

Police said Sanchez and the two other teens drove out another exit in a stolen Dodge Challenger.

"They take a $60,000 vehicle and smash it and total it, just to get another vehicle out of the lot,” Blue Mound Chief of Police Dusty Steele said. “It shows they don't care."

Officers are still looking for 18-year-old Aidian Pierce. Police said he posted a photo of himself on social media that appears to show him in the stolen Challenger.

Investigators said the teens are part of the "bank roll gang” that is active in the Arlington and Grand Prairie areas.

"Bank roll gang, from what we've learned about them, is they go around and steal vehicles, break into vehicles, steal guns, and whatever they can steal to sell it for a profit to add money to their 'bank roll,'" Steele said.

Police are asking for the public's help to get the others off the streets and into custody.

"They're heavily armed from what we've seen,” the chief said. “They will run from the police in these vehicles. They''ll do whatever they can to get away."

The stolen Dodge Challenger has not been recovered, police said.

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