Teenager Gets Gift of Sight

When Jimy Rubio came to tour the SEA LIFE and Legoland Discovery Center in Grapevine, he didn't know he would leave with a life-changing gift

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Jimy Rubio toured the SEA LIFE and Legoland Discovery Center on Monday with the help of a device called eSight 4, allowing him to see things he's never been able to see on his own.

"It makes my vision probably a billion times better than it already is," Rubio said. "I think it's like, whoa! I was super impressed the first time I put them on. It was incredible!"

Rubio was born with toxoplasmosis, a disease that takes away the center of vision. With the use of an eSight 4 device, Rubio's vision is nearly perfect.

"It is taking something far away...bringing it right to his eyes," said eSight spokesman Brian McCollum. "It basically triggers the brain and fills in the gaps for him."

On Monday, eSight surprised Rubio by gifting the device to him during a visit to SEA LIFE Grapevine and LEGOLAND Discovery Center. The eSight 4 retails for $5,950.

"If we can just give them the tools, we can just sit back and watch them, what they can actually accomplish," McCollum said.

Now Rubio can see his future.

"It's going to change everything in my life," Rubio said.

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