TCEQ Aware Of Reports of Dirty, Brown Tap Water Around Waxahachie

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality says it is aware of reports of brown, dirty water seen flowing from taps in the Spanish Grant Subdivision in Ellis County.

State regulators say a 'boil water notice' was issued by the Carroll Water Company on June 12 as a precaution after the water pressure dropped below state standards. The notice has not yet been lifted, according to the TCEQ.

Several photos posted on social media show brown water in bath tubs while others show chunks of dirty residue left behind.

“Once a week, upwards of three to four times a month you turn the water on and it looks like chocolate milk,” Jacob Moore, a resident for the past 3 years said.

The 140 homes in the area are served by the Carroll Water Company, whose President Walter Carroll told NBC 5 the dark brown water is not uncommon and is nothing to be concerned about. The intermittent issues he says have been going on for about 20-years.

“Just cause it’s got a little brown water in it don’t mean it’s not clean. It’s clean, it’s clean, it’s clean,” Carroll said.

The TCEQ says the June 12th 'boil water notice' is the only one on record for the Spanish Grant Subdivision in the last five years but residents and Carroll said they are common.

Carroll called it "customary" and said like the brown colored water, 'boil water notices' occur every few months.

But residents like Jacob Moore and his wife Stephanie say the dark colored water is a nearly weekly occurrence and the water is always cloudy and leaves behind a film.

“We call and ask and they are just like boil it. I don’t want to live like that, I want to have normal water from our tap,” Stephanie Moore said.

Kelly Lawrence
According to Kelly Lawrence, who posted on social media complaining of dirty tap water, the photo on the left shows chlorinated tap water on Wednesday while the photo on the right is how her water appeared on Tuesday. (Published June 13, 2018)

The Moore family says their tap water costs 35-dollars a month but they now only use bottled water to drink and brush their teeth. If the water does not clear up, they say they will consider moving.

The TCEQ told NBC 5 no water violations have been recorded by the Carroll Water Company in Spanish Grant.

Check back for more updates as we continue working on this developing story. As developments unfold, elements of this story may change.

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