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Supply Chain Issues Impacting Food Service at Arlington ISD

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The on-going supply chain issues that we all have heard about are now also impacting school cafeterias.

The Arlington ISD announced today that it is currently dealing with supply issues, but the food service team said they are making adjustments and working long hours to make sure every student gets fed.

Some examples of the shortage issues the district is dealing with include: The district ordered 450 cases of sliced beef. 11 have been delivered. 300 cases of green beans were ordered. Eight have come in.

The district also said that normally each high school offers 16 different entree choices and now can only offer three.

Also, the annual Thanksgiving meal that is usually served for students has been canceled this year.

It's not just food items the district is experiencing issues with either. Breakfast will now be served without a tray, and rather than the full utensil packet, students will simply grab the specific utensil that they need.

"Even with the changes and fewer options, the district has no plans to serve any fewer meals. David Lewis, Arlington ISD’s director of food and nutrition services and his team meet daily to assess supplies and plan menus according to what they have. A purchasing team spends their days scouring the market to buy food and non-food items. And the food services team will open their loading dock any time a truck can deliver, even if it’s a weekend day or the middle of the night," said a press release from the district.

You can read more from the district by clicking here.

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