Suicide Pact Led to Girlfriend's Death: Plano Man

He took a photo of himself, bloodied, that included his girlfriend's body and posted it on Facebook, police said

A 45-year-old North Texas man charged with murder after posting a photo on social media showing his girlfriend's lifeless body said the pair had a suicide pact, according to police in Plano.

Kenneth Alan Amyx has told police he "had to finish ... off" 43-year-old Jennifer Lee Spears after she "chickened out" of an agreement to "stab one another until they died," documents show.

Police said they forced their way into a Plano apartment after being called Sunday by Spears' sister. They found Amyx bleeding from superficial knife wounds and his girlfriend dead. Authorities believe Amyx's wounds may have been self-inflicted.

"Oh I killed her, oh I lost her, I'll never get her back, just kill me," Amyx told police, according to court records.

Amyx took a photo of himself, bloodied, that included Spears' body and posted it on Facebook. The image has since been removed. Investigators said Amyx also sent the photo to Spears' mother.

Amyx also faces charges of indecency with a child and continuous sex abuse of a child under 14. He told investigators he and Spears were planning to run away together because he was a fugitive but decided on the suicide pact instead, police said..

He's being held on $600,000 bond. Information on an attorney for Amyx was not immediately available.

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