Texans Tied For Worst Drivers In America: Study

The website CarInsuranceComparison.com released findings that Texas statistically has the worst drivers in the country.

The website said Texas and Louisiana are tied at the bottom.

They explained that their data comes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and that department’s study on fatal crashes and their causes. Each state was ranked using information about fatalities, drunk driving, speeding and careless driving.

“We have the population increase lately. A lot of people have moved into Texas,” Rene Romero with Romero Insurance Agency in Irving said. “The more people we have, the more accidents and the more congested the streets get.”

Living in an area with a high number of accidents, insurance claims or even weather-related issues can make the amount you pay for insurance rise.

“Sometimes they can raise every year if they want to, if it is needed,” Romero said. “Most of the time they last anywhere from three to five years, before they raise the prices and they go on accidents and see their loss ratio.”

Romero said there are ways to possibly get a break on your insurance.

“Most companies give as much as 25 percent off if you have a good driving record or if you have no tickets or accidents and you maintain your vehicle,” he said.

Romero also suggested asking your agent about bundling services. Some insurance companies will offer discounts if you stay with them for an extended period.

“A lot of people are constantly looking for the lower rate, but most companies will give you a better rate if you stay with them for the long term,” he explained.

Romero said even in states with more crashes, drivers can keep their premiums lower by simply driving safely.

“Texas law is actually that insurance company can only charge you for the first three years,” Romero said. “So, just stay clean for the next three years so that your rates will come down.”

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