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Southwest Power Customer Gets Double the Utility Bills

When double the power bills came in the mail, NBC 5 Responds helped a utility customer get it resolved.

Stacy Zimmerman's new apartment is pretty snazzy, right down to the cool art studio.

She loves her new digs but is dealing dealing with an issue that started online, at Southwest Power & Light's website.

She entered her address and apartment number to order electricity for her new home, but she says the power company's website wouldn't sign her up, saying her apartment number wasn't valid and switched her from Apartment 512, where she lives, to Apartment 525 — an empty unit down the hall.

Frustrated, she just abandoned the purchase and bought power from another company.

A month after moving in to her new home, Zimmerman says her postman brought her a bill from Southwest Power & Light. It seems she had signed up to pay power for unit 525.

NBC 5 Responds reached out to Southwest, which said the website should only kick you out if there is already power activated at the apartment. In a statement, the company said, "Southwest attempted to contact the customer at the telephone number on file. Customer care also replied to her emails with a call-in number and instructions explaining that this was the only remedy. Unfortunately, contact with the customer was not made over the phone."

Southwest apologized for the confusion that arose.

They gave her a zero balance and closed the account for the apartment down the hall.

Zimmerman gave us a big thumbs up for helping sort it out.

Wayne Wants You to Know:

  • You should always call and triple check that you didn't order a product or new service, if you close out of the form early.
  • You never know when you might wind up with an extra bill.
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