Seniors Catching a Free Ride in Southlake

Transportation service gets people to appointments

The lack of public transportation in many smaller cities in North Texas is a big inconvenience.

Southlake found a way around it with CARS, Call A Ride Southlake. It's a free transportation service that gets people to medical and business appointments, even to the hair salon.

"I have the time, the vehicle and I wanna give back to my community," said volunteer driver Dave Roberts.

Lillian Reilly uses the service to get to weekly doctor's appointments in Fort Worth.

"I've been going to so many doctors the last couple of months, for blood tests, and this makes it easier for me. I don't have to depend on my family," said Reilly.

James Morgan, 92, relies on the service for daily visits to see his wife who lives in a facility for people with Alzheimer's disease.  He was paying taxis for the 10-mile trip until he learned about CARS.

 "My brothers, they talked to one another and said, 'Why don't you just go see her for one or two days a week, maybe a Monday or Friday?' And I said, "I'm sorry. I'm gonna see her every day forever as long as I'm able to see her,' and that's what I've done," Morgan said.

CARS provides free transportation five days a week, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for business, shopping, recreational, social, grooming, medical and other needs. Drivers take seniors 25 miles from Southlake for medical,dental and therapy needs and seven miles for other needs.

The city contributes $12,000 toward the program but the annual budget reaches approximately $17,000 so donations are accepted.

To donate, volunteer to be a driver or sign up for trips, contact:

Call A Ride Southlake at 817-798-4022

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