Rowlett Mom Starts Book Club for Son's Football Teammates

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A Rowlett mother said her idea for a football, book club was born out of necessity.

“Education and doing well in school is out number one priority. Reading helps with comprehension which is the key to a lot of successes in life. I noticed my boys didn’t like to read and it was a struggle for them to read,” Yolanda Turner said. “I started with a series of graphic novels which gave them motivation to read the next book. To enhance their reading skills, I knew they couldn’t continue to read graphic novels. We made a deal. One month, the boys pick a book and the next month, the moms get to pick a book.”

Turner said the rest was history.

“It really worked. There are still moment when they don’t want to finish a book, but overall, it has been helpful,” Turner said.

There are eight boys from Vernon Schrade Middle School in Rowlett in the reading group and some of them have been able to overcome learning challenges since they joined.

“Two of the boys in the group have Dyslexia, one of them has ADHD and the moms have seen improvement in their reading. One of the twins is now reading on a 10th grade level after taking the district MAP test,” Turner said.

This isn’t just about academics though. This is about forming bonds with their teammates off the field.

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“They love to fellowship with their friends and look forward to book club now. For Black History Month, the book we are reading is Just Mercy. This is also keeping them connecting with our history,” Turner said.

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