Local Mother-Daughter Duo Team Up to Comfort Others With Original Recipe

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A mother-daughter duo’s idea to give life to a recipe for generations to come has become something good for those who serve their communities.

Laverne and Donna Richardson have always loved being in the kitchen. They thought, why not bring that love to others?

They did it with their “Mama Laverne’s chicken, waffles and pancake seasoning and baking mixes." They were able to preserve a recipe that is generations old in the process. When the pandemic hit, the business took a hit as well, but they used that time to serve.

“First we thought a food bank would be a great place. So, we partnered with the Community Food Bank that services North Texas. What we loved is that they not only provided food, but other resources to lots of families. They have been cooking [the waffle mix] for staff and their volunteers,” Donna said.

Donna Richardson

For Donna, who lives in Dallas, and her 81-year-old mother, it’s more than giving back, it's about loving your neighbor.

“This is what it’s all about. Trying to get the family together. I like families staying together because we need each other,” Laverne said.

Throughout the last two decades, they have made their recipes for celebrity clients like the late Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and the O’Jays.

What makes the chicken and waffle mix so good? We will never know. It’s a family secret!

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