A Kid’s Guide to the Pandemic

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Heads up, parents!

Here’s something good for your child that may help them better understand how to cope with the pandemic.

Authors Makenzi Jordan Rodriguez teamed up with medical student Greta Davis to write the children's book, "SoOoOoOo Much Toilet Paper."

The book is written from a child's perspective on what COVID-19 means to him. His mother is a doctor who teaches him how to stop the spread and protect older relatives.

He also learns the impact of running out of essential items like toilet paper and hand sanitizer when people panic buy at the stores.

The writers told NBC 5 this can be a helpful tool for parents in helping children to explain the things that make for tough conversations.

"So many children are asking questions," said Jordan Rodriguez. "It's just a really great learning tool because he learns the repercussions of the fact that he can't take all of the toilet paper and all of these important necessities that everybody else needs. So he learns about giving back to his community."

The book took just weeks to write, illustrate and publish so that it could kids as soon as possible. The authors said 100% of the proceeds go to organizations and nonprofits worldwide helping struggling families.

You can find the book on Amazon by clicking here.

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