#SomethingGood: Keller Couple Provides Free Photoshoots for Kids With Autism

Super heroes are made thanks to a camera, a green screen, costumes and some computer special effects.

A Keller couple is doing something good for families who have children with special needs.

Nicole and Scott Endersby own Endersby Photography and it’s a place where super heroes are made. All thanks to a camera, a green screen, costumes and some computer special effects. It’s all out of the kindness of their hearts. They provide the service for free for families with children with autism.

They know the road for those families isn’t easy. They know this because they have lived it.

"We have three children, two of which have autism. And it was important for us to make sure that these kids and their siblings feel like superheroes," said Nicole. "It’s a genuine gift from one special needs family to another."

They call the project #EndersbysHeroes where they transform not just the children with disabilities, but also their siblings into their favorite superheroes.

News of the Endersby's efforts spread around town and now, several business in North Texas are sponsoring their effort by helping to purchase costumes.

Beth Soverign’s son Ethan has autism. Between his therapy and other treatments he may need, there hasn’t been extra money for some time. She said she appreciated the generosity of the Endersby’s.

"Something extra like special needs super hero photos to be donated to us is something that means the world to us and to our kids," Soverign said. "Nobody can pay their bills on wishes and dreams, so for them to give this gift to us, it’s the work of a wizard."

In June, the Endersby family is taking it a step further. They are inviting the families who have participated in the photo shoots to a day at the movies. A sensory-friendly showing of Toy Story 4 will air at The Keller MovieHouse & Eatery. Sensory-friendly theaters are theaters that are not too dark and the movie isn’t played as loud. At that showing, the pictures of all the children they have taken shots of as movie posters lining the theater.

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