Some Downtown Residents and Workers Evacuated After Shooting Recount What They Witnessed

When shots rang out at the Earle Cabell Federal Building Monday morning, some people who live at the SoCo Urban Lofts witnessed it from their windows.

"I saw the gunman standing at the front door of the courthouse, just blowing the front door out," said Allan Wyatt, whose loft faces the courthouse. "I mean, there were probably at least 50 shots between the people coming out of the courthouse shooting at him, and him shooting into the courthouse."

"I heard the gunshots -- probably about 15, 20 rounds -- and then I see him firing inside the entrance right there," said Tim Brown, who picked up his cell phone and started to record video from his eighth-floor window.

His video showed then gunman firing.

"I heard him yell, 'Ah!' and he cussed. He ran into the parking lot," Brown said. He said he saw the gunman fall to the ground.

Shortly after that, residents in the 204-unit loft building got the order to evacuate.

"Usually you hear this is a test fire drill, go down the stairs, get out of the building," resident Kim James said. "They were telling us no, ATF wants you to evacuate."

Residents and their pets took up residence on the sidewalk for more than three hours, comparing stories and waiting to be given the sign they could return home.

Brown said he was already thinking of moving from downtown to White Rock Lake to give his dog, Penny, a yard.

"Maybe another year. I'm out of here. Probably be soon," Brown said as he commended law enforcement. "Thank you guys for showing up and keeping us safe."

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