Several Cars' Windows Smashed in North Oak Cliff

Bricks and big rocks are the weapons of choice for the unknown suspects behind a series of incidents involving smashed windows and windshields in the North Oak Cliff area of Dallas.

“It’s horrible,” said Chris Flair, whose mother’s car was among at least five vehicles targeted Monday along the 300 blocks of North Clinton Street and North Rosemont Avenue.

Someone threw a brick through the back windshield of Flair’s mother’s Nissan Sentra.

It cost a little more than $200 to replace.

“And the insurance, of course, didn’t cover it. So it had to come out of our own pocket,” Flair said.

A few blocks east on Eighth Street, the repair bill was closer to $2,400 for a BMW belonging to a local realtor.

That incident was captured on a neighbor’s surveillance camera.

It shows what appears to be a red Ford Explorer approach the luxury car, and then you see the back windshield of the BMW smash – apparently from a rock thrown from the moving SUV.

There have been at least 10 similar incidents over the last two weeks, according to Dallas police reports.

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