Reservation Software Glitch Delays Flights Overnight

A computer glitch in reservation software for several major airlines caused delays for travelers overnight.

Southlake-based Sabre Holdings handles reservations for airlines, including American, Jet Blue, Frontier, Virgin America, Qantas and British Airways, and others.

The company said a "system issue" is to blame for an outage that occurred around 11 p.m. Monday and caused around many flights to be brought to a standstill. 

 Passengers reportedly had to wait in line for hours as airline representatives worked through the issues.

Passenger Spero Canton was one of the passengers delayed at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

"I was actually in the middle of checking my bag in when the computer went down and the representative went to two or three different computers to find out if it was a problem with his particular computer and then we found out it was throughout the entire airport," Canton said.

Sabre fixed the problem around 2 a.m. Tuesday and flights were able to be restarted.

American Airlines said 38 flights were delayed overnight. The airline expects no more major delays and no cancellations following the restoration of the system.

In April, a similar issue caused American to ground around 900 flights.

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