Runners Brave The Storm for Marathon

Marathon runners, run despite rain and severe weather threats

Rain didn't stop thousands from participating in the "Big D Texas Marathon" at Fair Park, in Dallas Sunday morning.

About 4,000 participants braved the heavy rains and threat of severe weather to run in the 5K, half-marathon and marathon competitions.

Organizer Cliff Couch said they began preparing for the threat of severe weather before the race even began.

"We've got dozens, if not hundreds, of volunteers," said Coush. "Fifteen aid stations, roving medics on bicycles out on the course, communications of all sorts, and we even had contingency plans for motor vehicles to help pick up runners if they became stranded or the weather got to bad."

And as the skies drew darker, many people began hovering under umbrellas. Some found a way to hide in breezeways, even man's best friend tried hard not to wet his paws.

But it was first-time half marathon runner Kimberly McCall who found a cheaper way to stay dry.

"Bought this at the store. It's 88 cents, it's hooded, it covers everything," laughed Mccall.

Many others bystanders and runners wore garbage bags to stay dry,  wondering if the rain would ever stop.

Experienced runner Heidi Hamilton was supposed to run the marathon but switched to the half-marathon because of the rain. She was the first woman to cross the finish line in the half-marathon and said even though it was a shorter distance, the rain made it more difficult to run.

"I'm glad I switched to a shorter distance because it was rainy and the roads were kind of wet and it was hilly and windy, not the most fun running weather," said Hamilton

Overall despite the rains, organizers say the event was a success.

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Here are the list of first place winners according to the "Big D Texas Marathon" Website

Winner of the Marathon was 22 year old Johnathan Le Jeune.
Winner of the Half Marathon was 29 year old Fabian Daza.
Winner of the 5K race was Dallas native 34 year old Benson Osoro.

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