Roofing Scammers Intimidate Fort Worth Homeowner into Paying Up

A West Fort Worth homeowner is warning of a scam that almost cost her thousands of dollars and stole her peace of mind. Three men claiming to be roofers pushed their way into her house then scared her into paying up.

"Everybody that knows me always says how tough I am," said Dallas Kirbie-Tucker. "I can take care of myself."

Kirbie-Tucker has always felt safe under her own roof, even when she had to replace it after storm damage last year. But a knock on her door this week changed all that. Three men pushed their way in, breaking the lock on the storm door.

"I'm backing up because he's coming at me, ‘Hi, do you remember me? I roofed your house’ and I'm thinking no," Kirbie-Tucker said.

They claimed the roof needed a patch.

"And it's going to cost you about $148," she said.

The men walked straight to a front bedroom and sent Kirbie-Tucker for a flashlight. When she got back there was clear water streaming down the wall.

“Like they had sprayed water up on the wall and were letting it come down," she said.

The men wouldn't let her go outside to see them working.

"And all of a sudden I'm thinking oh my, oh my, this is a scam," Kirbie-Tucker said.

Then they told her they wanted $2,500 cash. She tried to argue.

"I started to get up and he put his hand on my shoulder here and pushed me back down in the chair and he said you will write the check."

Finally she did, just to get them out of the house, calling her bank to cancel the check as soon as they left and then calling police.

"All I could think of is God don't let them hurt me. God don't let them kill me. God protect me because, I'm telling you now, I was terrified," Kirbie-Tucker said.

She's left feeling embarrassed and shaken, but determined to prevent the next scam.

"People my age and older need to know not to open the door because that's all I did wrong,” Kirbie-Tucker said. “I just opened the door."

Fort Worth police are warning people to watch out for these men. But they say in this case no crime was committed because they didn't actually steal anything.

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