Judge Rules in Favor of NFL, Tosses Out Part of Romo’s Lawsuit Against the League

QB's company claims NFL pulled plug on fantasy football convention

A Dallas County judge ruled in favor of the NFL Monday, tossing out part of a lawsuit brought forth by Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Although the judge tossed out Romo's tortious interference claim, his attorney said it's subject to appeal.

The breach of contract claim will move forward.

"At the end of the day, it's about money and would also add it's about control," attorney Michael Hurst said.  "There is ample evidence on the record that there are numerous NFL sponrsorships and other folks in the NFL got angry that the event was getting as large as it was without (the NFL's) prior involvement."

Romo, a part owner of Fan Expo LLC, sued the NFL earlier this month and argued that the league intimidated several players who were set to appear at a canceled fantasy football event last summer and sought more than $1 million in damages.

The National Fantasy Football Convention was set to be held last July at a Las Vegas convention center on the grounds of The Venetian resort. Romo was to be the face of the event, and dozens of other NFL stars were scheduled to appear, as well.

But before the event, the NFL informed the NFL Players Association that any player who appeared at the event would violate league policy because the convention was to be held at a casino property.

"This case is about the NFL’s blatant and premeditated sabotage of an event designed to bring together the very people who are the backbone of the NFL — the players and the fans," the lawsuit stated.

Romo's attorney said Monday the NFL does not consistently enforce the league's policy on gambling and cited numerous examples, including the league's non-enforcement of Gronk's Booze Cruise on Feb. 19-22.

The cruise, involving New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, took place on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship that includes a casino. Photos from the cruise showed fans gambling on board, according to Pro Football Talk.

Attorneys for the NFL said Romo's Fan Expo wasn't honest about where the event was to take place.

"The only thing I'll says it that the NFL is satisfied with the court's ruling which was a careful analysis and we believe it was the correct one," NFL attorney Thad Behrens said.

Romo was not in court on Monday.

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