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NBC 5 Responds Wrap of Success Stories

Each week, hundreds of people contact NBC5 Responds for consumer help and, so far, we have gotten more than $162,000 back for viewers just like you.

We get all kinds of complaints into our responds line, but this week, planes, cars and a TV service caught our eye.

If Frank Weaver looked happy in the picture he sent us, that's because he is not stuck with a plane ticket he couldn't use. He bought it and tried to cancel soon after, with no luck.

Weaver emailed NBC5 Responds and received about $433 back.

And remember Pam Cannell? She's the North Texas mom who took a dream trip to Scotland with her son, but her rental left her stuck on the side of the road.

"Opened up the trunk, there was no spare tire in there," she said. I'm looking on the ground. No donut. No compressed gas. Nothing."

Cannell said she lost a day of her trip and was charged more that she expected. After our story aired, though, she received the 50 percent off she was promised, to the tune of $244.

And finally, Linda Reid reached out to NBC 5 Responds because of she never got a reward for switching TV providers. We called the company and helped Reid get her $150 back.

They're just three of the hundreds of people we help each week. We're here to help and we respond to everyone not just the ones we put on TV. Just give us a day or two because we get lots of people asking for help.

Here's how to reach us: Call us at 844-573-7763 (5RESPND) or try our new online submission at

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