Downtown Dallas Streets, Buildings To Reopen Monday

But many streets will remain closed

Many key streets and buildings in downtown Dallas will reopen for the first time in days Monday morning, but 20 city blocks remain cordoned off by crime scene tape due to the deadly shooting of five officers last week.

Buildings that will be reopen for regular business hours Monday include:

  • George Allen Civil Courts Building, 600 Commerce St. Those with jury duty are expected to report. 
  • The Old Red Museum, 100 S. Houston St.
  • Dallas County Administration Building, 411 Elm St.
  • Dallas County Records Building, 509 Main St.

Dallas city officials said they do not expect the Bank of America building to reopen Monday.

Starting Monday morning, you will be able to drive on some key streets and enter some key buildings in downtown Dallas for the first time in days. However, 20 city blocks remain off limits and cordoned off by crime scene tape because of the deadly shooting of five officers last week.
For the first time since the deadly Dallas officer shootings last week, downtown Dallas streets and key buildings will be open, though 20 blocks will remain sealed off as a crime scene.

Many streets will also remain closed Monday, including the area bordered by North Record Street on the west, Ross Avenue on the North, Griffin Street on the east and Commerce Street on the south.

Online: City of Dallas Traffic Update

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