Protestors Rally at Dallas Police Headquarters Before Marching Through Downtown Streets

Activities at police headquarters remained calm

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Protests on Dallas streets started Friday night and lasted into Saturday morning.

A rally at Dallas Police Department headquarters in support of people in Minneapolis.

The rally started at 6:30 p.m. It was put on by the Next Generation Action Network and other community organizations.

This demonstration was done as a direct response to the death of George Floyd In Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky.  

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The message here was that they stand in solidarity with the people in both of those cities, especially Minneapolis.

“I have black sons and I’m raising them to black men,” participant Tonja Jefferson said. “When you have a black son it’s a different kind of prayer you have to say over them to live in this country so that’s why I’m out here.”   

Several of the messages on the posters said “Black Lives Matter”, “I can’t breathe” and “stop killing us”.

This crowd was diverse with some parents even bringing their children to be a part.  

Vince Sims

“I’m raising him not to hate people for the color of their skin, but to speak out about things that you know are wrong,” father and participant Paul Sanders said about bringing his 13-year-old son to the event.

“Everybody, any type of skin color should have the opportunity as any other skin color,” 13-year-old Zachyrius Irvin said. “So I just sometimes think it’s not fair how some people treat other people just because of their skin color.”

Vince Sims

DPD police chief Renee Hall was on scene most of the night.

“The Dallas Police Department supports a peaceful protest,” Chief Hall said. “We empathize and understand the cause and the reason that they are here and we will facilitate a peaceful protest throughout the night.”

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