Prosper Considers Through Trucking Limits

The Prosper Town Council will consider a plan by the police department to limit commercial truck traffic on side streets by adding six "no through truck" areas within town limits.

Prosper currently only has one such area, which bans commercial trucking on Frontier Parkway between Dallas Parkway and Preston Road.

Assistant Chief Gary McHone said with the town's population growing, the traffic issue is one they "want to get in front of."

"To have those trucks travel the same roadway that normal cars and trucks drive on as well, it creates a potential safety risk," he said.

The proposal would limit trucking on Frontier Parkway from Preston Road to Custer Road; the entire length of Prosper Trail from the Dallas Parkway to Custer Road; 1st Street from the Dallas Parkway to Custer Road; Coit Road from U.S. Highway 380 to Frontier Parkway; the entire length of Coleman Road from U.S. 380 northward and Talon Lane from Coleman Road to Frontier Parkway.

Shirley Taylor, who lives in a neighborhood off Prosper Trail, supports the idea of more regulation.

She said over the past two to three years, the presence of large commercial trucks has increased.

"We hear traffic going by continuously," she said. "Every few minutes you hear the trucks come barreling down, and typically it's faster than the 40 mph [speed limit]."

McHone said by referencing "large commercial trucks," the ordinance would refer to 18-wheelers, cement trucks and more.

However, he adds, local businesses who regularly get deliveries from large vehicles shouldn't worry. If a truck has a delivery or business in an area, it won't be prohibited. The ordinance is meant to cut down on through traffic.

The town council will view the draft during its Tuesday, Aug. 12 meeting.

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