Fort Worth

Project Underway to Ease Congestion on Busy Fort Worth Roadway

Rush hour gridlock can be quite a headache, but some communities in North Fort Worth are finding areas where morning backups are becoming unbearable.

One place in particular is Blue Mound Road near U.S. Highway 81/287.

Many mornings, the intersection gets so backed up that vehicles sometimes double up in lanes after slowed and halted traffic finds them in the middle of the intersection blocking traffic. The confusion causes more traffic back up and some drivers have to find a way to maneuver around each other.

Neighbors say the surrounding communities are growing so fast that something has to be done.

According to the city of Fort Worth, help is on the way, but it will take a little time.

City crews will add pavement on both sides of the bridge at Blue Mound Road and the Highway 287 bridge. That project should be completed by February. The Texas Department of Transportation will then install a signal at both intersections.

A 2014 bond program will allow for new travel lanes, intersection improvements, drainage improvements, sidewalks, street lights and bicycle lanes.

The project will widen Blue Mound Road to four lanes, providing a continuous four lanes of traffic between the interchange and the entrance to Eaton High School, Schluter Elementary and future Adams Middle School.

Some of the other congested areas in Fort Worth could see similar relief. Voters will have an opportunity to vote on a bond package in May 2018 that would include money for street improvements.

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