Popular Dallas Sandwich Shop Planning to Close Doors

The Great American Hero in Dallas has been a staple in the Oak Lawn neighborhood for nearly 50-years

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On any given day, a long lunch line crowds the 1,400 square foot Great American Hero sandwich shop on Lemmon Avenue in Dallas' Oak Lawn neighborhood.

"We know everyone's name," owner Dominick Oliverie said. "And if I don't know them by name, I know that's the turkey sandwich, here's the meatball sandwich."

Oliverie opened his sandwich shop 47 years ago. Now it may be too much of a good thing.

"It's gotten so busy that we can't keep up with it," Oliverie explained. "We lose employees because we can't keep up with it."

Oliverie loves his job and his customers. You'll find him every day behind the counter making sandwiches.

"You have the 'Heavenly Hero?'," Oliverie asked a customer. "Ok, I know you're an angel then!"

Oliverie said he always thought he'd keep the shop open for 50 years, but now it's time to think about closing.

"This is my year to stop. I figure I'm 74, had it for 47 years, born in 1947, the numbers line up," Oliverie said smiling. "I just look at life a little bit different after COVID."

"I love the place," customer Gloria Williams said. "I get the same thing every time."

"I'm happy for him on his retirement," customer Lance Keese said. "Sad for the rest of the folks here in Dallas."

Oliverie said he's not quite ready to close for good. He's giving himself until October 31 to get used to the idea. He says the thought of it gives him goosebumps.

"I call them 'Godbumps'," Oliverie said. "You can feel them all up and down when you connect with people."

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