Police: Empty Gas Tank Thwarts Purse Snatcher

Dallas police said a man suspected of stealing two purses was nabbed after he flagged an officer down for help.

Investigators said two women were seriously injured when Timothy Franklin stole their handbags.

Police said they believe Franklin was targeting older women who were driving nice cars. But Franklin's car was his undoing, police said.

According to police, Franklin ran out of gas and flagged down an officer for assistance.

"Doing what we do best -- help people -- he did push this car to the gas station," police Senior Cpl. Janice Crowther said.

The officer arrested Franklin when a description of the robber’s getaway car was broadcast over his police radio.

Richard Cox said his 62-year-old neighbor was in her front yard waiting for a ride to the airport when Franklin stopped and asked for directions.

"She was actually trying to be a good Samaritan by helping him find the address where he was going," Crowther said.

Neighbors said the victim ended up with broken bones and two black eyes when Franklin grabbed her purse and put pedal to the metal.

"She fell on her face and was injured pretty good," Cox said.

Crowther said the victim held onto her purse and was dragged several feet.

Franklin is charged with two counts of aggravated robbery and is being held on a $75,000 bond.

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