Meredith Yeomans

Plano Neighbors Frustrated With New Music Venue

It’s the soundtrack of the suburbs: Flowing fountains, lawn mowers, birds chirping.

“The peace and quiet you hear now,” said homeowner Greg Urech, about why he moved to the Plano’s Kings Ridge community three years ago.

Lately, the soothing sounds have been replaced at night with another familiar tune.

“All the sudden we heard music blaring -- Bruno Mars -- and I could sing along to it,” he said.

Where is the music coming from? Lava Cantina, an outdoor music venue that opened Thursday.

Neighbors say they can hear the music three miles away.

“When my daughter told me she could hear the bass inside her bed I knew there was a problem,” said Bill Kula, homeowner and Kings Ridge Communications Chief.

It’s no wonder why the homeowners can hear the music. The only thing separating them from Lava Cantina is a valley allowing the sounds waves to flow right into their neighborhood.

“We never expected that people 3,000 feet away would hear anything,” said Lava Cantina co-founder Ian Vaughn, who is well aware of neighbors’ complaints.

“I understand their frustration,” Vaughn said.

Stacks of storage containers and curtains are some of the short-term solutions put in place the past few days.

“I'm really trying the best of my ability. It’s just not an easy fix. It’s not something that happens immediately,” Vaughn said.

As work begins on a permanent fix, Vaughn says neighbors can rest assured knowing concerts will now be cut off at 10pm.

“Progress has been made but there’s still work to do,” said Kula.

Vaughn, neighbors and city leaders from Plano and The Colony have a meeting set up next week to discuss the problem and a long-term solution.

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