Social Media Linked to Plano Home Invasions: Police

Police in Plano and Frisco are warning residents after three separate home invasions in recent weeks.

Officer David Tilley, spokesman for the Plano Police Department, said the biggest concern is that there are three or four suspects involved and the incidents have been violent. There is not a clear suspect description available.

According to Tilley, the cases have been very similar. A man was home alone with the doors unlocked when three or four suspects burst in, assaulted the man and then stole property before taking off in the victim's car.

The two incidents in Plano occurred several miles from each other, on the west and north sides of town. They happened just days apart in mid-January – one near Parker Road and Ohio Drive, and the other near McDermott and Robinson roads.

Wednesday night, Plano police said new information indicates there may be additional home invasions in surrounding cities. They also said there may be a connection between the victims' use of social media platforms utilizing GPS location services as a way to meet others.

"It's not like we're having any one particular area being targeted. This can happen anywhere," Tilley said, reminding homeowners to be vigilant.

One of the vehicles has been recovered, Tilley said, and they are still searching for a stolen Range Rover.

For Erika Kennedy, mom of a 2-year-old and a real estate agent, neighborhood safety is key.

She was moving in to one of the neighborhoods that was hit, and now plans to be even more cautious.

"You kind of have to think like a criminal to make sure you're crossing your T's and dotting your I's," Kennedy said.

Plano police offer a free program to residents to help them stay safer. A crime prevention specialist can come to your home and check it out, top to bottom, to see where security needs to be increased.

Frisco police have not released any information about the home invasion in their city, except to say that it was similar to Plano.

McKinney police reported a home invasion last week, but have also not released any information. They believe that case is not connected.

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