PGA of America Opens Frisco Office ahead of New HQ

Over the last month, the PGA of America began moving employees from its current headquarters in Florida to a temporary office in Frisco – paving the way for the next steps in a major development anchored by the PGA.

"Our team is here to help bring it to a reality," said Darrell Crall, Chief Operating Officer of PGA of America. "People are able to see it as they drive up and down the Tollway and 380 - as its becoming a very real project that we hope will be very vital to the community."

So far, 22 employees have relocated to the temporary Frisco office at Hall Office Park. By 2022, the PGA of America expects to have 125 employees at its new headquarters – a mix of employees who relocated from Florida and those hired in North Texas.

Sandy Cross, Chief People Officer for PGA of America, said those numbers don't include jobs with the planned resort, golf course operations or incoming championships. The first championship game will be the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship in 2023.

"Some of those jobs are seven to ten days during championship week, other positions are multi-week, multi-month," said Cross.

She added her role will be to ensure the workforce and contracted vendors is diverse and inclusive, a goal for an industry hoping to capture the next generation of fans.

"We want to make sure that in the golf supply chain that there's minority owned, women owned, veteran owned, disabled owned, LGBT owned businesses participating in the supply chain," Cross said.

Cross said employment in golf helps drive participation in the sport.

The new PGA of America Headquarters will be located south of U.S. 380 and west of the Dallas North Tollway.  

Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney says the development is already having an effect on how the city is planning for growth.

"Rather than doing the slow march up the Tollway like we expected, it's going to jump forward to the 380 corridor and that part of the city is going to develop really quick," said Cheney.

"We've been working diligently on that making sure all that infrastructure is going in: all the roads, water, the school district is already planning schools out in the area."

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