People Injured by Dallas Police Projectiles File Lawsuit, Seek Restraining Order

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Attorney’s representing two people injured by Dallas police projectiles have filed a lawsuit and temporary restraining order calling for a stop to the use of less-lethal projectiles and irritants.

Vincent Doyle and Tasia Williams were both hit with projectiles last month. While photographing a protest, Doyle was hit in the face, the impact shattered his cheekbone and permanently damaged his eyesight.

“I felt like I had been shot for real because it knocked me down.. I got back up and I started running and there was just blood everywhere,” Doyle said.

Williams was hit in the leg and showed reporters the large bruise that is still healing.

“Having to be here because I was injured is really hard for me,” Williams said.

In addition to the legal action, Doyle and Williams called on Dallas police to hold the officers who used the less-lethal projectiles on them at close range to be held responsible.

“There has not been an apology from the city nor has there been anything from Chief Hall that makes the attorneys think she is going to hold these officers responsible,” Attorney Daryl Washington said.

In response, Dallas police said they are aware of both the lawsuit and the temporary emergency restraining order, telling NBC 5 via email:

“It is the department’s policy to resolve incidents requiring law enforcement intervention in as humane and safe a manner as reasonably possible.”

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