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Parker County Deputies Arrest 4 Following String of Thefts Targeting RVs, Motorcycles

Parker County detectives make arrests after suspicious activity leading to a string of thefts

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Four people are in custody, accused of operating a theft ring targeting RVs, motorcycles, and electronics in Parker County.

The Parker County Sheriff's Office said they arrested 25-year-old Lacey Lyn Barton, of Springtown; 21-year-old Elijah Zain Franklin, of Springtown; 32-year-old Andrew Scott Robertson, of Weatherford; and 25-year-old Haleigh Breighann Baker, of Azle. All four face a variety of theft charges.

The arrests were made after the owner of a storage facility reported suspicious activity by several renters who were bringing trailers, furniture, and motorcycles in and out of the secured facility at about midnight.

"Several suspects have been arrested on theft of property and narcotics charges after the investigation led to the search warrants of two storage units at a facility in the 2000-Block of East Highway 199 in Springtown," said Parker County Sheriff Russ Authier. "A second storage unit in the 100-Block of Adalida Lane also in Springtown, and a van used in the commission of thefts."

Parker County Sheriff's Office
Four people were arrested and accused of taking part in a theft ring in Parker County, the sheriff's office says. L-R: Andrew Robertson, Lacey Barton; second-row Haleigh Baker and Elijah Franklin.

Investigators conducted surveillance discovering several individuals had rented units within the facility, storing stolen property from burglaries and thefts committed within Parker County. Police conducted interviews of the suspects who admitted their involvement in the thefts and burglaries.  

Tuesday evening, patrol deputies conducted a traffic stop on a Honda Odyssey van, locating several additional items inside the van which had also been recently reported stolen including a television with an attached wall mount believed to have come from an RV that was burglarized earlier in the week. The RV owner reported someone entered their vehicle and ripped the TV and mount from the wall.

Investigators said Barton was driving the van and soon connected her to the theft ring and three other suspects.

Search warrants were executed Thursday afternoon on the van and at three storage units. Investigators seized stolen property including power tools, furniture, electronics, tents, a pool table, a grandfather clock, located inside the units, and confirmed all items were recently reported stolen.

Two trailers and two motorcycles were recovered Monday evening during the initial investigation.  

Investigators said the suspect told investigators he stole a motorcycle and trailer along with Baker and Robertson then brought it to the storage facility. Franklin later admitted their involvement in the other stolen motorcycle and trailer along with numerous other stolen items.  

  • Franklin was arrested and charged with three counts of theft of property. As of Friday, he remained incarcerated in a $24,000 bond. 
  • Barton was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance after deputies located more than 30 grams of suspected methamphetamine on her person at the time of her arrest. Barton was released Wednesday on a $17,500 bond. 
  • Baker was arrested on charges of theft of property. She was released Wednesday on a $10,000 bond.  
  • Robertson was arrested on charges of theft of property. As of Friday, he remains in custody on a $10,000 bond. 

Authier said he is pleased with the joint investigation and the assistance of neighboring agencies. Parker County Sheriff's Criminal Investigations Division made the arrests in collaboration with the Tarrant Regional Auto Crimes Task Force and police in Springtown and Rhome.

"This investigation took a matter of days to identify and arrest the four suspects involved," said Authier. "It is just another example of how joining resources with outside agencies can be a success. These investigators cleared five theft and burglary cases through their efforts. We would like to sincerely thank all agencies and divisions which assisted in this case." 

Authier also stated that additional charges are pending the ongoing investigation. The cases will be submitted to the Parker County District Attorney's Office seeking prosecution. 

It's not clear if any of the four have obtained attorneys.

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