Pam Minick is Retiring from Billy Bob's Texas

Pam Minick, the face of Billy Bob's Texas, will retire at the end of June. Minick has been marketing director at Billy Bob's for 25 years.

"It's no secret I will be 60 at the end of June, so it's time to let a new fresher face take over and push us into the next quarter century," said Minick.

Minick and her husband, Billy, took the reins at Billy Bob's Texas 25 years ago. He as president, she has director of marketing.

Billy Minick gave the reins to son Concho in 2011, now it's her turn.

"The great thing is, it's never felt like a job. There's never been a day I thought I'm going to go to work," said Minick.

Minick says Fort Worth's honky tonk found it's rhythm again due in part to new headliners like Garth Brooks.

"Really for 10 to 15 years, the success of Billy Bob's Texas was tied to the success of Garth Brooks," said Minick.

Alan Jackson found success at Billy Bob's too. His No. 1 hit song "Dallas" has its roots in Fort Worth.

"He goes, 'I wish Fort Worth was in Tennessee.' And they started riffing on it as a song and he wrote the song 'Dallas' backstage at Billy Bob's", said Minick.

While the honky tonk stories are endless, Pam says she's ready for her next chapter.

"I love my husband, my family, country music, horses and cattle. Life is good," said Minick.

Pam and Billy Minick are part owners of Billy Bob's Texas, so Pam says they'll still check on things, just not every day.

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